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What Do Gen Z Employees Want in The Workplace?

As Baby Boomers continue their mass exit from the US workforce, the smaller but mighty Gen Z is coming in hot. This generation, born between 1996 and 2010, is bringing an entirely new wave of workplace culture with them. Growing up in a time full of ever-evolving technology, social advocacy and rapid change, Gen Z’s behaviors and values of self-advocacy, work-life balance and social good mark a fundamental shift from those who come before them.

Gen Z employees are expecting unprecedented change from their employers.

Millennials set a new precedent for work-life balance and Gen Z to inherited the belief that work-life quality is deeply integrated, even synonymous with, overall quality of life. These younger employees are outspoken about their desire for better salaries, flexible work options and better culture. At the heart of their workplace desires is the need for change.

Gen Z, or “Zoomers”, who entered the workforce alongside the Covid 19 pandemic, have become accustomed to disruption. They aren’t often going with the status-quo or accepting “It’s how we’ve always done it.” With unlimited internet resources at their fingertips, Gen Z has the desire to seek out information on their own to understand the “why” behind how things are done. They are a generation known to ask questions, poke holes and find answers for themselves. “There is an expectation of constant change,” explained researcher and author, Roberta Katz.

This new standard of workplace expectations are rooted in: diversity, inclusion, sustainability and promoting social good.

Making up 25% of the population, Gen Z is the most diverse and most inclusive generation yet.

Pew Research estimates that 48% of Gen Z identifies as racially or ethnically diverse. Compared to previous generations, Zoomers are also more likely to either use, or know someone who uses, gender-inclusive pronouns. Gen Z’s consideration for diversity and inclusion can easily be seen in their expectations for the workplace.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are non-negotiable for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces for current and future Gen Z talent. “Diversity is crucial for companies and can help lead to higher profits, increased employee engagement and greater innovation. Attracting and retaining Gen-Z — and the passion, principles and valuable digital skills they bring—hinges on embracing diversity.” explains Michaela Jeffery-Morrison in Forbes.

They are increasingly concerned about the environment.

Global environmental events paired with the power of live-streaming social media has given Gen Z a front row seat to the degradation of our planet — so it’s no surprise that they put sustainability into hyper-drive. Social movements like zero-waste and plastic-free have gone mainstream, motivating consumers to support companies making eco-friendly and ethical products. Gen Z, even in their lowest earning years, are willing to spend more and buy less for the sake of the environment.

One study found that over 55% of Gen Z candidates research a companies “environmental impact and policies before accepting a job from them.” They are looking at companies to see if they are truly committed to sustainable practices. Gen Z is skeptical about sustainability claims and informed about greenwashing. They are looking for more than just sustainability on the surface level, they are searching deeply for the ethics of potential workplaces.

All in all, Gen Z is asking for workplaces to not just participate, but advocate for social good.

This generation is on a mission to do better. They want to speak up for what’s right, advocate for others and leave a lasting legacy for the future. These bold generational dreams require making waves in the way things have been done. Gen Z has lead numerous social movements from making mental health mainstream, to LGBTQIA+ rights and so many more.

While Gen Z has always been outspoken about their activism, they are their expecting workplaces to follow in suit. 53% of Gen Zers said they would turn down a job offer if that company didn’t align with their social and political beliefs. They also noted that some of the initiatives they would like to see most in the workplace are mental health resources, non-profit partnerships and donation matching.

Gen Z employees deserve a work perk built for their generation.

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