the only online shopping tool built exclusively for small business

(Coming to Shopify October 2022)
With goodbuy...
1. Get noticed when and where shoppers are already browsing.  
With the goodbuy app, seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store to reveal your products to goodbuy shoppers in real time on top of mega-retailers’ results.

2. Meet shoppers who share your values.
goodbuy connects over 20k passionate small business shoppers who want to shop the values that matter most to them (and to you). Match, made!

3. Totally free to install and use.
With goodbuy, there are no set-up, product click, selling, or monthly subscription fees. Instead, we only make money when you do. Only 10% of each sale you make via goodbuy.*
*goodbuy is 100% free for small businesses through October 15, 2022.

"This simple tool could
create impact for thousands
of small businesses."

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