At goodbuy we believe that small businesses should run the world- offline and online.

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Join our community of over 175k small businesses (and counting!) goodbuy is an affiliate community that brings an entirely new level of visibility to your store.
For consumers, goodbuy is a browser extension that makes your products 1000% more visible to them. Think of it as an SEO override.
goodbuy is a seriously awesome small business matchmaking tool for you and the customers (and fans) that haven’t found you yet.

who qualifies as a
goodbuy business?

We rely on the Small Business Administration's revenue standards. Click here to find out if your business qualifies.

Hint! If your business’ gross receipts are under $6.5mil annually, you’re a definite YES!
You have an active, user-friendly store* that offers reliable fulfillment and shipping.

*Currently, our platform supports e-commerce stores hosted on Shopify. We’re working on changing that — just make sure you’re on the  waitlist  so we can let you know when we’re ready for you!
Brands and boutiques of all kinds are welcome here. goodbuy businesses can be:

why join goodbuy?

Say goodbye to showing up on page 10 of your customers’ search results and hello to unprecedented visibility!

We’re boosting your small business to make it easy for new fans to find you (and all of your products)!
We’re the affiliate community for rockstar small businesses (just like yours).

Unlike other affiliate networks who charge set-up and monthly fees (with no guarantee of sales), our model is small businesses first (i.e. we don’t make money until you do).
Everyday there are thousands of people searching for the products YOU sell. We embrace what makes your small business unique and “set you up” with the conscious consumers who are waiting to
find you.

Match, made!

The goodbuy
small biz promise:

Brands and boutiques
of all kinds are welcome here.

We promise to let you do you, in every way you know how.

Your site,  your products, your brand own a unique piece of the interwebs.
A space that holds a community of customers and die-hard fans.
goodbuy is here to grow that fanbase,
and to help you show up (like you never have before)  
for the fans that haven’t found you yet.
It’s e-commerce heaven; a matchmaking tool for you and your potential customers.
Ready to help us grow the small business revolution?
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have questions?

How do I know if my business meets your small business standards?
Wait, I already applied back in October/November. What do I do now?
When will your affiliate network and plugin be available for download?
What happens if my store grows larger than the SBA standards for my retail category?
Where can I find you on social media?