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How To Celebrate Pride Month at Work in 2024

It’s estimated that more than 7% of Americans (over 20 million people) identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. This data shows us something obvious: LGBTQIA+ people make up an important part of our population and our workplaces. Despite that, gender rights are being targeted with the rise of anti-LGBTQ legislation all across the country.

Creating a safe and inclusive workplace is important now, more than ever.

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group revealed that 75% of of LGBTQ employees have experienced daily negative workplace interactions related to their LGBTQ identity. Discrimination and harassment in the workplace is not only derogatory, it’s also illegal in many states and cities. While legal policies are ever-changing, supporting your current and future LGBTQIA+ employees should remain unwavering, especially during times of political turmoil.

Pride month is also a great reminder to review your company policies to ensure they are inclusive and supportive of LGBTQIA+ employees. This includes anti-discrimination policies, benefits that cover LGBTQIA+ health needs, and additional support for employees personal experiences.

Your Pride conversations should come from the company, not your LGBTQIA+ employees.

While some employees may be more outwardly spoken about their support for the LGBTQIA+ community, it’s important to avoid putting the work of acknowledging and educating onto specific employees. This can be alienating for individuals and create pressure for them to be advocates in situations where they might not feel comfortable doing so. Instead, establish your support by having your company kick off important conversations like Pride month.

If your organization doesn’t have them already, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ employees to connect, share experiences and offer mutual support. These groups can also serve as a valuable resource for the company in understanding and addressing the needs of LGBTQIA+ employees. Creating space to listen and learn about the unique needs of your team is going to mean so much more than a rainbow t-shirt ever could.

3 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month at Work in 2024

1. Promote LGBTQIA+ Small Businesses

Without disregarding the challenges the LGBTQIA+ community endures, it’s can be uplifting to focus on the the positive changes we all can make. When you shop LGBTQ+ owned businesses, everyone thrives. LGBTQ+ owned businesses generate over $1.7 trillion in economic impact annually, employ over 3 million people, and grow at a rate that is faster than the broader business community. goodbuy makes it easy to discover hundreds of LGBTQIA+ owned businesses like The New Savant, Alder New York, & so many more.

2. Give Back

You don’t need to become experts in supporting specific communities. Instead, share information from reputable organizations that give back in ways that really make a difference. This month, goodbuy is proud to match 1% of all purchases in donation to The Trevor Project, a leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention nonprofit organization for LGBTQ+ young people.

3. Show Your Support All Year Long

Pride is just one month out of the year; your employees deserve to feel seen and supported all year long. With goodbuy’s Impact Marketplace, your team can shop and discover hundreds LGBTQIA+ businesses anytime they shop. Learn more about how goodbuy can help your team celebrate important moments like this in a meaningful way.


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