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goodbuy is a browser extension that makes it ridiculously simple to...

shop what you want.
support who you want.
[...] not your next Amazon. goodbuy is a chrome browser extension and is on a mission to make shopping “feel good” by making conscious shopping easier online for consumers looking to shop their values and support small businesses, which can be hard to find in the chaos of the Internet.
... a browser extension that connects small businesses with value conscious shoppers (like us!). Simply search for what you're after and find a small business or brand to buy it from.
Think of it as a shopping search engine you can use to find products that align with your values and buy from minority-owned retailers and small businesses.
It's a browser extension that brings next-level visibility to small businesses everywhere and allows the consumers who give a damn to put their money into the communities they support.
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Whenever you are shopping on a mega-retailer website, goodbuy will automatically recommend small business alternatives with the same (or even better) products!