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To make supporting small businesses less daunting, goodbuy launched an online shopping alternative that offers people the ability to opt out of shopping from major e-commerce siteseading.

Think of it as a shopping search engine you can use to find products that align with your values and buy from minority-owned retailers and small businesses.

goodbuy is on a mission to make shopping ‘feel good’ by making conscious shopping easier online for consumers looking to shop their values and support small businesses.

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70% of all U.S. online shopping goes to just
15 mega-retailers

So we, (Cary & Cara) started goodbuy to make it easy to discover hundreds of independent brands in one place.

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Contribute to job creation

Supporting small businesses contributes to job creation through your purchases.

Keep it in the community

Small, independent businesses are 2x more likely to give back to their communities.

Support diverse entrepreneurs

Have more control of how you rebalance your shopping wealth.


Purchase from companies that are leading the way in sustainability and innovation.

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