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Unique Perks to Support LGBTQIA+ Employees at Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation interviewed and researched Fortune 500 companies to learn more about how LGBTQIA+ inclusion practices affected their workplace environments. The TLDR: Creating inclusive workplaces is good for people and for business. 70% of LGBTQIA+ employees reported that they were more willing to stay with their employer because of their approach to inclusion. They also reported being more productive with positive impacts on the business’s profitability.

Creating safe and inclusive workplaces is increasingly important to your current and future workforce.

Gen Z and Millennials currently make up 38% of the workforce and are actively seeking out new-age workplace cultures that align with their values. A jarring 65% of undergrads say they would not apply to a job if an employer’s values didn’t match their own. If your organization is looking to engage the next generation, it’s time to level up your workplace perks. Demonstrating your inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ communities at work will have positive effects for your current AND future team members. “Building an inclusive workplace has attracted the best and brightest to our firm,” explains one mid-size law firm.

How should your company recognize Pride Month?

Pride Month is an incredible time for celebration, reflection and action. And also, what if your support for the LGBTQIA+ community could extend beyond just June? We at goodbuy believe in making inclusivity a year-round commitment. As an Impact Marketplace featuring over 1,500 brands — including many LGBTQIA+ owned small businesses — we offer a unique way for companies to show their support and foster an inclusive environment.

Shop LGBTQIA+ Owned, Independent Businesses All Year Long

One of the best ways to support the LGBTQIA+ community is by harnessing our collective purchasing power. With goodbuy, your employees can access a diverse range of products from LGBTQIA+ owned small businesses all year round. From fashion and beauty to home goods and unique artisanal items, our marketplace is packed with quality products for anyone to find something they love. goodbuy’s marketplace is intuitive even for the less technologically inclined, and all shoppers can discover brands, discounts codes and curated collections. By choosing to shop from these businesses, you're helping to sustain and grow LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurship.

The best part? 1% from every purchase from the goodbuy Impact Marketplace goes back to an organization doing good. During June, we are giving back to The Trevor Project, a leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention nonprofit organization for LGBTQ+ young people. Each non-profit we partner with helps to educate and inform about critical issues within specific communities and engages in ways that make a difference.

Exclusive Discounts & Rewards for Your Employees

We know that even little perks can make a big difference in employee satisfaction and engagement. With goodbuy, you can offer your team exclusive discounts to our network of verified brands. When your employees shop through goodbuy, they unlock special deals (10%, 15%, 20%, or more!) that they won’t find anywhere else. These exclusive discounts not only provide save your people a little moolah but also make supporting LGBTQIA+ businesses even more exciting.

If you want to spread even more joy, you can even recognize your employees in the form of a digital goodbuy gift card. You choose the amount and the message and they get to shop from any of our 1,500+ brands. This is a great way to maximize your employee gifting budget in a way that makes your team feel seen and celebrated.

It’s Turnkey & Easy to Implement

One of the biggest barriers for organizations is finding the time and resources to acknowledge various communities and cultural moments. We’ve heard time and time again that HR teams are often understaffed with limited resources to implement culture-building activities for moments like this (you know, because they’re working on compensation and leave policies and healthcare benefits, just for example). goodbuy’s Impact Marketplace was designed for busy professionals who want to make their workplaces more inclusive but might not have the human hours to dedicate to growing this practice internally.

Our turn-key platform comes with curated content that’s easy to share within your organization. Each month, we’ll distribute materials that speak about important moments like Pride in an inclusive way. These promotional materials will highlight incredible, diverse small businesses and share seasonal discounts. Our ready-to-use resources simplify the process making it easier than ever for you to celebrate your team in a way that means more way than a rainbow t-shirt ever will.

Celebrate Pride All Year Long: Get Started with goodbuy

Ready to take the next step in supporting LGBTQIA+ communities and enhancing your company’s inclusivity efforts? Learn more about how our platform works, our accessible pricing for companies of any size, and the positive impacts you can have on your employees. Building workplace culture is no easy feat. goodbuy is here to be your strategic partner in creating engaging and effective impact moments within your organization by offering a unique perk to engage, attract and retain the next generation of talent.


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