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The Moment

The U.S. ecommerce marketplace is an $800 billion dollar industry. Most of that money—over 70% of it—goes directly into the pockets of 15 mega-retailers. All the while, 200,000+ small businesses closed for good due to the pandemic (that's in addition to the 20% that close every single year already).

For the better part of a decade, this online shopping experience has not changed: SEO, cookies, and search algorithms push your purchases to a big box retailer. This leaves small businesses, local retailers, and boutique brands on page 10 of your online search results.

The Movement

While this shopping experience is commonplace for many of us, it’s impact is  now front and center because of emerging communities  of conscious consumers. Take for instance, millennials and Gen Zers. They’re bringing forth an entirely new set of expectations, and Gen Z alone holds over $143 BILLION in buying power.  These generations understand that where they buy from and what they buy, is a reflection of who they are and, most importantly, what they believe in. The shared values of these generations drive their purchasing behaviors, and supporting small businesses is a requirement.

73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for a socially compliant product. 47% would spend more to support small/local businesses.

The expectations of conscious consumers are evolving at a rapid pace — a pace not being met by the existing shopping experience. Shopping online ends up being a monstrous challenge, loaded with new directives and personal emotions.

Conscious consumers are left to navigate and search the entirety of the internet with time and energy they do not have, and they’re understandably frustrated. There’s a whole lot of “do this, do that, and here’s why” but rarely, “here’s HOW.”

This leaves online shoppers with two pretty terrible options:

Option 1: Shop efficiently and with little conscience. Quick-click mega retailer purchases that are not reflective of shoppers’  personal values.

Option 2: Shop tediously and with conscience. Thoughtful purchases (that support causes, communities, and businesses the shopper believes in) but that require so much individual time and effort to research and purchase.


goodbuy is here to offer an easy solution to this big problem. We’re a tool that functions as a trusted friend and broker, who has already done the research on your behalf about who sells sustainable kids clothes locally or where to buy a candle from a family-owned business. It’s a tool that delivers the exact product you need at the moment you need it, from the small businesses you want to support.

goodbuy is an easy-to-download (and FREE) browser extension that: intercepts your online shopping searches, and diverts you to the same products from over 183,000 small businesses.

A tool that meets you everywhere that you already shop. .

So, how does the goodbuy browser extension actually work after you download it?

Say you need a water bottle...

1. Grab your laptop, and start browsing online , with whatever big box retailer you always use, and search for that water bottle!

2. The goodbuy widget will appear, showing you that exact same water bottle (or very similar) from a small, values-aligned business.

3. Click the product, add to cart, and applause––you’ve made a goodbuy!

A resounding applause ensues on the extension and in your heart – because you’ve helped support a small business. One that directly aligns with your values. You feel good about it. They feel good about it, and literally everyone wins!

Unlike values-based marketplaces, where you have to remember to visit them and then *fingers-crossed*  hope they have something close to what you need, goodbuy is a product-first tool. We check our database of over 19 million products to find what you need, and then offer  it up to you from a values-aligned small business.

You’ve got a product you need. We’ve got the small business you want to buy it from… Faster that you can say “add to cart!”

Install the goodbuy browser extension on your desktop today.

Available for download on the Chrome web store.


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