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The Future of Workplace Perks: What Your Employees Actually Want

We get it, building incredible workplace culture has never been easy.

Not to mention employees are more stressed and less satisfied than ever.

Add to that: Gen Z, with an entirely new set of values and who comprise 25% of the population, is set to outnumber the Baby Boomer generation in the workforce in the next few years. Younger generations have note been shy about what they’re looking for from their employers: companies that value diversity, inclusion and social impact just as much as they do.

Perks That Actually Work

While a company branded t-shirt is a nice sentiment, it’s estimated that 23% of branded merch is immediately thrown into the trash and another 56% will be tossed shortly later. So skip the merch and never-used discounts for car rentals, 1-800-Flowers and cheap-chain-restaurants. Instead, engage your employees with perks they actually want; those that align with their generational values.

Among Gen Z employees' top values are:

  • 45% were interested in sustainability initiatives
  • 35% wanted non-profit partnerships
  • 34% asked for donation matching

Read more about Gen Z’s expectations for the workplace.

Cary Fortin & Cara Oppenheimer, goodbuy Co-Founders

Behind The Scenes

Meet Cary & Cara the Co-Founders of goodbuy

Hi there! It’s Cara Oppenheimer.

If you’re reading this, please know that this newsletter is written by real humans, not AI robots (ahem, so please excuse any typos 😬).

Quick time warp back to 2021: Cary and I are both working moms of tiny kids and we were SO frustrated and spending wayyyy too much time finding businesses we felt good about buying from. In an era where 2-day shipping and big-box stores took over the internet, we created goodbuy. Now goodbuy is an impact-centered marketplace with 1,500+ independent brands where shoppers can easily find stores that align with their values.

My favorite brands? There are too many to count, but a few I’m obsessed with today are: clean beauty products from Tower 28, sustainable luggage from Paravel and the Sleeptime Superlatte from Clevr Blends. For me, the best part about goodbuy is that I am constantly discovering (and rediscovering) fun, interesting, aligned brands every time I shop.

Before founding goodbuy, I spent my career working in the event agency world. For me, the best perks were always the ones that made me feel really seen. Like “Oh, these people really get me.” But those were few and far between. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to change corporate culture, constantly asking my teams if there's a more unique way to execute on ideas.

That’s why I’m really excited about the goodbuy Employer program. It’s NOT just another workplace perk. It’s really something that can get your team engaged in social impact, and shopping for the things they already want, in a unique way. No more coupons or Amazon gift cards that hold no meaning. With goodbuy, your people can find brands they’ll love and get incredible discounts all while supporting a small business. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Truth be told, we are a small business ourselves. We don’t have a huge sales team. If you reach out to goodbuy, I’ll be the one to answer and help you get started. Again, real humans! 😂

❤️ Cara, goodbuy Co-Founder

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goodbuy For Employers

Get Started With goodbuy

“goodbuy’s onboarding process was easier than easy!”

“One of the reasons different perks aren’t brought on by some companies is because there is a lot of administrative work that comes along with it. But goodbuy takes all of that work off the plate of the company & makes it a seamless process to join”

-Saalt, goodbuy client

For Employers:

goodbuy’s perk program is built with the next generation in mind.

With a seamless and secure set up process, you can create employee affinity with:

👉 Exclusive Discounts (10%, 15%, 20%, & more!)

👉 Impact Data & Communications (we curate the emails, you press send)

👉 Employee rewards and recognition (digital rewards to spend at any of our 1.5k brands)

Get started with goodbuy today and your team will have access in less than 24 hours.

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For Financial Institutions:

We also offer the goodbuy perks and impact ecosystem as a member perk. Engage your community with perks they’d love to brands they feel good about supporting, all while tracking your social impact efforts in real time data.

For Rewards Programs and Other Partnerships:

goodbuy is always looking for innovative partners to work with. Connect with Cara to learn more about how you can harness the power of goodbuy for your organization.

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