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Pasta Bowls Are The New Dinner Plates – Here Are 7 Of Our Favorites

Looking to update your dinnerware collection? Pasta bowls are a must. As more and more home chefs favor serving meals out of pasta bowls, this dish is becoming a standard item in modern table settings–and becoming more popular than a traditional plate. They’ve even got a buzzy nickname–on TikTok, where their popularity has exploded, they’re known as “blates.”

With a deeper well and wider rim than traditional plates, pasta bowls are stylish and beautiful, but also deeply practical. They’re perfect for holding everything from hearty, saucy pasta dishes (as originally intended) to colorful entree salads, grain bowls and hearty stews.

Ready for a set of your very own? Here are seven great pasta bowls.

The Everyday Bowl from East Fork

East Fork co-founder Conne Matisse says their Everday Bowl has all of your bases covered, from cereal to ramen. More on the bowl side of the bowl to blate to plate continuum, the Everday Bowl is perfect for an entree for one, but can also be used as a serving dish for sides.

The Coupe from East Fork  

Looking for something a little more on the plate side of the equation? East Fork also makes The Coupe. This is the quintessential “blate,” done in East Fork’s signature style. They describe it as “The perfect in-between vessel that makes plating easy,” and say that it’s especially good for entries with a sloshy sauce–and who doesn’t want to eat that?

The Midi Bowl from Our Place

Our Place specifically designed the Midi Bowl to be “half plate, half bowl.” They have a deep rim but almost flat bottoms, making it a great choice for almost any meal. Plus, it’s part of their larger tableware ecosystem, which stacks smartly for neat storage and strategic table setting.

The Recycled Bamboo Pasta Bowl from Made Trade

This traditional pasta bowl is made from eco-friendly recycled bamboo and has an interesting and eye-catching oval shape. It’s also available in an array of gorgeous colors, so you can find the shade that best matches or coordinates with your existing tableware.

The Costa Brava Bowl from Lollygag

The Costa Brava tableware collection is inspired by European food traditions. Made from lead-free stoneware with a matte finish, these pasta bowls are a practical, minimalist option.

Brown and Black Ceramic Bowl from Eco Vibe

These bowls from Eco Vibe have a rustic, earthy finish. They’re a great option for bowl meals, with a flat bottom and a slightly flared rim, but they’re also beautiful as a serving bowl or centerpiece bowl. (Just be sure to select the “wide” variation.)

Minimal Stoneware Pasta Bowl from Made Trade

These gorgeous vessels are handmade by Convivial in Kansas City. They’re a minimalist dream, finished with a cream glaze and accented by a stone-colored rim.

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