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Meet Transanta

Today, as we celebrate Giving Tuesday, we’re grateful for the opportunity to highlight three incredible impact partners and their contributions to making our shared world a gooder place for all. One of these people is Kyle, the founder and co-creator of transanta, a grassroots movement and mutual aid organization with a mission to show trans youth across the world how loved they are.  

Here, you can read more about the critical work of transanta, shop Kyle’s collection of gifts from small, LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, and consider pairing a donation to transanta with your gift(s) this holiday season to support trans youth in need of our community care and generosity this holiday season.

Kyle Lasky

gb: Hi Kyle, thanks so much for taking time to share more about the good you’re up to in the world. For starters, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and transanta?

Of course! My name is Kye Lasky and I run @transanta! I started it back in 2020 along with Indya Moore and Chase Strangio. @transanta is a mutual-aid project with a simple goal: show trans youth how loved they are! Trans youth, particularly Black and Brown trans youth, are under attack across the country and around the world. Trans youth disproportionately experience houselessness, are in foster care, detention, or in abusive or otherwise unsafe housing situations.

@transanta exists to show these young trans people that they are loved and supported, and that they have a family of folks around the world who care for them, believe in them, and want them to succeed. I set-up a safe and anonymous way to get critical support directly into the hands of trans youth in need through gift-giving.

gb: Amazing, thank you. For folks who love the mission of transanta as much as all of us here at goodbuy, how can they support Transanta?

Folks can support our mission by following us on Instagram (@transanta) and purchasing gifts off of the registries that are listed there. You can also donate money directly to our project at, and help keep us running year-round (plus, all of those donations are tax-deductible thanks to the incredible non-profit that houses us, Allies in Arts).

If you aren’t in a place to spend money right now, don’t worry! You can still support! Visit our Instagram and leave comments on peoples’ posts, send them love, and affirm their dreams and experiences. This has a huge impact. The kindness of strangers is one of the most powerful forces, and it’s about so much more than just money. For trans youth facing rejection from their families, lawmakers, and media outlets undermining their very existence, knowing that people all over the world are rooting for them is life-saving.  

gb: Thanks for sharing so many ways for folks to get involved! For trans youth who would like to apply for transanta, how can they receive support?

Glad you asked. Trans and non-binary youth age 24 and under are welcome to participate. Head to and you’ll be guided through the submission process.

gb: Wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of the ways that folks can engage with transanta this holiday season (and all year-long). We have to ask: what’s your favorite small business?

Truthfully I couldn’t possibly name just one favorite, but I can say a few shops I love are: Ash + Chess, Roots and Crowns, Earthy Corazon, and I really want to shout out FreeFrom, a nonprofit that teaches survivors of intimate partner violence how to start their own small businesses!

👉 PS. Check out more of Kyle's LGBTQIA+ owned picks in goodbuy's holiday catalog!

gb: Yes! Such great recs, thank you! Last but not least, since today is all about giving and doing good: what is your best advice for doing good in the world?

My advice for doing good is to ask yourself, “what am I really good at? And what do I love doing?” Then, think creatively about how you can apply your unique set of skills to help your community.

Shop Kyle’s collection here, consider pairing your purchase with a donation to transanta, and remember: you can shop and support LGBTQIA+ owned businesses 365 days per year with goodbuy!


the goodbuy team