It’s shocking,
we know.

Over 70% of all US online spending goes directly into the pockets of 15 mega-retailers (you know which ones).
Meanwhile 2.1 million small businesses (selling those same products) end up on page 10 of your search results.
goodbuy is here to even it all out.
move over big-box, hello underdogs!

we’re on a mission

to make shopping feel good, by making conscious shopping easy.
To unite the small business community & bring next-level visibility to these exceptionally rad underdogs.
To allow the consumers that give a damn, to put their money into the communities they support.
To do it simply, with a tool that meets the moment and the movement.

we believe in
shopping experiences

That small is powerful (people>corps). That the humans behind the URLs matter. That getting a product you want from a human you support  feels really f%$!ing good. Impact you can feel in your bones. That the products you need, want and desire ALL exist at the thousands of small, online businesses you can’t see. That friends don’t let friends shop chain stores. That $MSRP is the same whether you shop big or SMALL. And of course, that conscious shopping should be easy. Search. Add to cart. Applause.